Gurunam Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati

H. H. Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Swamiji is an outstanding teacher of Vedanta and an eminent scholar of Sanskrit. After receiving sanyasa in 1962, he devoted himself to the teaching of Vedanta for about five decades. Swamiji’s tireless and skillful unfold of the truth has touched the lives of thousands of seekers around the word. His all comprehensive perspective of life, scholarly depth along with assimilation of Vedanta, superb logic and ringing authenticity makes him that rare teacher who can take modern seekers face to face with truth. Gifted with sensitivity to cultural diversity, Swamiji’s has a subtle appreciation of contemporary social, domestic and psychological issues and help people address this pragmatically and fundamentally. One of Swamiji’s unique contributions to the humanity has been designing and teaching three year residential Vedanta and Sanskrit courses. Hundreds of his disciples, who graduated of the course, have been teaching throughout India and across the globe.

Brahmachari Pradeep Chaitanya is Swamiji's disciple who renders his service in the region of Kachchh through Arsha Adhyayan Kendra-Bhuj. In addtion to teaching, Swamiji has initiated and supported various philanthropic efforts; the most recent and far reaching of these is the estabishment of "All India Movement for Seva", a movement which aims at caring the needy.

Swami Dayanandaji has participated in International forum such as (1) United Nations gathering of NGOs in 1980 where he delivered a speech on “The Moral Imperatives of Ending the Arms Race”. (2) UNESCO Seoul global convention where he threw light on “Tolerance, Restoration of Morality and Humanity” in September 1995. (3) United Nation 50th anniversary celebration where he represented the Shankaracharya in October 1995. (4) “The Millennium World Peace Summit” where he represented Hindu delegation in New York, September 2000. (5) “The International Congress for the preservation of religious diversity” which he initiated and co-chaired in Delhi, November 2001. (6) The world council at Geneva for Global Peace initiative of women religious and spiritual leaders. (7) Initiated the Hindu-Christian dialogue with the world council of churches in Geneva, October 2002.